Piling works:

Bentonite system (Diameter up to 3000 mm, Depth up to 70 m) C.F.A. system (Diameter up to 800 mm, Depth up to 30 m) Full Casing system. Micro piles. Driven piles.


Shoring systems:

Shoring beams.

Secant piles.

Contiguous piles.

Sheet piles.

Soldier piles.

Tie back anchorage & Strut beams.


Soil Improvement:

Stone piles. Jet grouting.


Marine works:

Construction/ renovations of Jetties, platforms refurbishments, misc. maintenance works in the Suez Canal


Pile Testing:

Compression load test (up to 4000 tons) Tension load test. Dynamic load test. Pile integrity test. Ultrasonic test.